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A Committed


Sherae’a “Rae” Moore is a dedicated Middletown resident who has spent the last two years fighting to protect the quality of life for everyone in the 8th Representative District. Her experience as a teacher, policy reformer, and legislative staffer, has inspired her to step up to be the voice for Delaware’s future. 


Rae is a product of Appoqunimick School District, graduating from Middletown High School. She received her undergraduate degree from Delaware State University in English, graduating with Cum Laude honors becoming a first-generation college graduate in her family. She is currently working on her second masters degree in Education.


After receiving her Master’s degree in Public
Policy & Administration, Rae began her journey in becoming a public servant. Inspired by her late father, Ray Moore Sr, who ran a community nonprofit, she became civically engaged and involved in politics. In 2016, she was the Deputy Regional Field Director in Kent County for the Delaware Democratic Party. She later had an opportunity to become a Legislative Assistant for the House of Representatives for the Delaware State Legislature. She humbly worked and served, one of the longest elected City officials. It was through this experience where she began to find her niche in educational policy. 

After researching the data on the State’s suspension/expulsion rates and the school to prison pipeline, Rae had an opportunity to run a statewide campaign focusing on juvenile justice. It was through talking with returning citizens across the state, she realized the powerful impact teachers and community leaders have. 


After hearing stories from the working class and those that the system has overlooked, Rae decided to make a shift in careers and became a teacher. It was through this experience where she saw firsthand how overburdened and underserved the education system was. Becoming an educator solidified her passion for advocating for those who feel like they do not have a voice. 


Rae is a mother to a young son named Jackson. She is a dedicated Middletown resident working as a mother, educator, and legislator for all of Delaware.

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