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Protecting Our Neighbors 

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As an educator, I am committed to finding equitable opportunities for students, teachers, and schools in our community. By collaborating with parents, educators, and leaders in the Appoquinimink School District, and Delaware's Department of Education, we can act now to protect future generations from the conditions inhibiting equitable educational outcomes. 


I will make unwavering commitments to:

  • Early childhood education & Universal Pre-Kindergarten for all 

  • Work with DOE to ensure students are ready and prepared for life after K12 

  • Advocate for increase of teacher compensation and sustainable funding for student support services 

  • Instituting an equitable school funding formula and secondary student count 



Delawareans should not have to suffer when it comes to quality air and water. Over the years, Middletown has grown significantly in real estate development. Though that is great for growth, what does that mean for the environment? Renewable energy will play a key role in protecting the environment and producing jobs for the state. The State of Delaware must hold traditional polluters accountable and responsible to help fix contaminants in the water, air, and land.

I am committed to protecting the environment by:

  • Holding traditional polluters accountable 

  • Develop and create Pollinator Habitats throughout the State 

  • Advocating for a green new deal 

  • Encouraging Higher Education institutions to become Climate Change Partners

Day Care

Healthcare & Families First

Access to healthcare should not inconvenience the residents of the 8th Representative District, instead, should seamlessly be woven within the daily routines of residents. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned many lessons. As we charter a pathway forward to address new societal norms, I will work with government officials, healthcare providers, and constituents to increase telehealth and patient monitoring capabilities throughout Middletown and the state of Delaware. Neither being uninsured nor underinsured should be an aspect of life. 


I am committed to working to ensuring:

  • Comprehensive investment in the development of healthcare providers in our district.

  • Advocate to improve access to affordable health care 

  • Establishing benchmarks for reducing disparities in healthcare by race, ethnicity 

  • Wellness centers in K-8

Suburb Family Home


Delaware is facing an affordable housing crisis: Most working families cannot comfortably afford to own a house or save funds for a home down payment.

Despite a growing economy and the appearance of a rebounding housing market, Delawareans face a widening inequality. Families have been struggling, trying to get by, and living paycheck to paycheck, leading to housing insecurity, foreclosures, and evictions long before COVID-19. We lawmakers must keep this public policy issue at the forefront of our minds. I’m committed to creating and sustaining affordable housing resources and programs because it’s essential to help working families and the economy thrive.

I am committed to working towards:

  •  Advocating for Smart development for rapid growth

  • Supporting the Landlord mitigation fund

  • Incentives for developers to build affordable housing 

  • Expanding Home buying education 

  • First-time home buyer grants

  • Codifying the DE Fair Housing Law







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